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Affiliate / Reseller Program

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Important notes about our Reseller Program.
- We Credit back your account for all credits not used. NO ONE else does this. Never lose your credits.
- Our program is tiered by volume. The more you buy each month, the more you save.
- We are MAC address centric. We use the MAC address of each device to track our users, not IP. 
- We give you 5 MAC addresses per credit, so get creative and sell the devices as 1 or 2 at a time and make more money.    
- There are TWO different programs for you to choose from. The first is our affiliate progam where you earn 10% on the first sale and 5% on each month after. The second is our tiered reseller program. Click Here to see Packages. 



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Summery of Terms: We have a 30 day return policy on all of our subscriptions. We do not host any content and we do not stream any content. We are providing links from third party sources outside the United States. Xstreaming is not responsible for the content from any of the third party link providers, use of all third party links is the responsibility of the user. By subscribing to our service you will have access to our Android App for any Android Device 4.1 or higher, and you have access to our web portal that will link you to our curated list of streams. We cannot guarantee that all the streams in our list will be available at all times. We do our best to hunt down and link content as quickly as we can find it. There will be some down time on some streams.